We are a team of autonomous systems experts who are passionate about safety so you can remain focused on your product.

Safety matters because people matter.

Are you ready to push your product to the market?

Getting any product into the market and into consumers hands requires certification, strategy, communication, documentation, and more. Our team of subject matter experts will walk you through the how of getting to that desired destination.

Why do you need safety experts?

  • Regulatory Strategy: We take the guesswork out of compliance and provide you with a clear roadmap to success.
  • Concurrent Engineering: We help you design your product with safety in mind—from the time of system concept, during product design, or at the tail-end of development with reverse safety engineering.
  • Ethical Practices: We ensure those using your product remain safe while gaining the most benefit from doing so.


We have the pleasure of collaborating with startups, small businesses, and Fortune 10 companies in an array of industries including robotics, batteries, medical devices, and more.

Medical Devices

Medical devices interact with people when they need it most. Your device has the potential to drastically improve the quality of life of patients both in the hospital and at home. Our team helps facilitate FDA approval from development of initial prototypes through proof of concepts.

Supply Chain Robotics

Supply chain robots meet people where they spend most of their time—at work. These systems do the heavy lifting to help people work more efficiently and safely. Our team helps from initial concept design to initial prototype deployment and full regulatory certification.

Connected Products

Connected Products allows data to flow to the people who need it most—from a doctor needing patient data on-the-fly to a facility manager improving building sustainability. Our team helps get products to cellular networks to create systems that connect information about the network, the environment, and the users.

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems collect and store energy during peak production so it can be delivered during peak load. Whether it is electric vehicle charging with lithium batteries or a grid peak shaving with hydrogen, our team helps find the right strategy to deploy these systems safely.

Safety. Automation. People.

Our Team

With a team of diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience, we are committed to putting safety in front of all projects. Meet the team who will work alongside you to push your product to success.

Erik Reynolds

Erik Reynolds is the Founder and Principal Engineer at Reynolds & Moore. With responsibility for strategic vision and team building. He is also a Lecturer in Systems Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas, and has served in several technical and senior leadership positions in the aerospace, certification, and utility industries. The common theme throughout his career has been safety, security and reliability of mission critical systems.

Under Erik’s leadership, Reynolds & Moore grew from a small team of three engineers in 2016 to over two dozen in 2022. He has also forged strategic long-term partnerships with several Fortune 15 and FTSE 100 companies. His primary focus is on emerging technologies in robotics, telecommunications, medical devices and energy storage systems.

Erik lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Missy and six children. When not working, Erik enjoys tinkering, beekeeping, powerlifting, reading, and is a committed advocate for foster care and adoption. Erik is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and a Certified Functional Safety Expert. He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering and MS in Engineering Systems Management from Texas A&M University.

Missy Reynolds (Moore)

Missy is co-founder and serves as the voice of reason at Reynolds & Moore. She is our in-house radiation safety expert and holds a BS in Radiological Health Engineering and an MS in Health Physics. Missy is also a university lecturer, gardener, and mother of six.

Cynthia Castillo

Cynthia serves as the Systems Engineering Manager at R&M; she graduated with a BS in Systems Engineering and an MS in Systems Engineering and Management with an emphasis in Supply Chain. Mother of one wonderful baby boy, she enjoys designing complex systems and implementing continuous improvement wherever she goes.

Ali Walker

Ali is the Project Manager and Technical Editor at Reynolds & Moore. She graduated from Washington State University with a BA in English/Technical Writing and has spent more than ten years writing professionally in the technology sector. Her colorful career also includes work as a public education administrative and grant support specialist, a freelance photographer, and a wine maker. Her passions are fitness, photography, culinary adventures, and travel.

Denise Sutton

Denise is a Project Coordinator at Reynolds & Moore. She is a mom to two active girls and a registered Girl Scout. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, watching LA Dodger baseball, reading, sewing, and doing puzzles.

Marisa Villanueva

Marisa is a Project Coordinator at Reynolds & Moore and has been with the company since early 2021. She graduated with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a B.A. in Professional Writing. In her free time, she enjoys working out, listening to Ted Talks, and hiking with her dog, Lanita.

Gabor Siket

Gabor graduated with degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. He joined Reynolds & Moore to support manufacturers who make products that meet regulated safety requirements. He likes to work with standards and find solutions.

Michael Fasolino

Michael spent a dozen years developing embedded software for Safety Critical sensor systems and enjoys applying his experience to Functional Safety. He and his family live in Europe.

Jacob Rockefeller

Jacob is a Master’s student at UT Dallas pursing a degree in mechanical engineering. He is also the Graduate Assistant coach for the University of Texas Men’s and Women’s NCAA golf teams.

Kenny Sladick

Kenny recently started as a Systems Engineer with Reynold’s & Moore. He studied Mechanical Engineering, and his interests span from automation to additive manufacturing. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, learning about business, and exploring Pittsburgh with his wife, Allie. 

Hanna Breckenfeld

Hanna is currently pursuing a MS in Safety Engineering from Texas A&M. She has experience as a Sustainment Engineer at Lockheed Martin and an entrepreneurial background to help customers commercialize their concepts and ideas. She enjoys traveling and taking pictures in her free time.

Daniel Smith

Daniel earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Long Beach State and currently serves as a Systems Engineer using his background in flight test. He is passionate about all things aviation and enjoys baseball, golf, and hiking.

Garrett Helmick

Garrett serves as an account manager for Reynolds & Moore. He focuses on ensuring clients get what they need. Nothing more nothing less. He and his wife live outside of Atlanta.

Brenda Rains

Brenda is originally from Dallas, Texas but has lived in California, Colorado and Kenya. Her specialty is onboarding new employees, employee care, and employee development. She spent the majority of her life working with students in the form of teaching for 17 years, mentoring, and advising (particularly Master’s level students). She loves to travel and watch movies.

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